Molybdenum alloy or pure molybdenum can be used to make molybdenum boats. These boats can be utilized in high-temperature furnaces, coating processes, electronic and electrical engineering, capacitors sintering, and nuclear fuel. Just like rolled rings, they are extensively used in the rare earth industry. Moreover, a molybdenum boat is less expensive and has a more straightforward structure than a molybdenum crucible.

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Molybdenum and Lanthanum in Boats

What is Molybdenum?

Due to its extremely high melting point, molybdenum is created and sold as a grey powder. Several molybdenum products are made by applying intense pressure on the powder. Alloys are where molybdenum is used the most. Strength, hardness, electrical conductivity, and resistance to corrosion and wear are all improved in steel alloys by using it. These “moly steel” alloys are utilized in engine parts. Other alloys make saw blades, drills, and heating elements. As a lubricant additive, molybdenum disulfide is employed. This material is also used in the petroleum industry’s electrodes, circuit board inks, pigments, and catalysts.

What is Lanthanum?

Generally, lanthanum metal has no industrial applications. But there are many uses for its alloys. Hydrogen gas is stored in a lanthanum-nickel alloy for use in hydrogen-powered cars. The anode of nickel metal hydride batteries used in hybrid autos also contains lanthanum. A significant portion of the mischmetal alloy (approximately 20%) is lanthanum. This alloy is primarily known for its “flints” used in cigarette lighters. Lanthanum-containing “rare earth” compounds are widely employed in carbon lighting applications, including studio lighting and movie theater projection. They make things brighter and emit light with a spectrum resembling the sun. Using lanthanum oxide enhances the optical qualities and alkali resistance of special optical glasses. Salts of lanthanum are used as catalysts in the refinement of petroleum.

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Learn About Rolled Rings and Molybdenum-Lanthanum Boats

The ability of molybdenum and lanthanum boat materials to withstand long-term variable temperature changes is due to vacancy migration and dislocation slip plane caused tearing, and increased service life of the material. Contact us for more information about molybdenum-lanthanum boats.