In the world of shapeshifting and changing forgeable materials into a ring, there are several methods to accomplish a forging. Ring rolling is a forging process employed to reduce both plane and solid shapes. Whereas forging uses the hammering process, either by an anvil and hammer or in a large forging tool call a drop hammer.

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Which One is Better?

How the Two Differ

The difference and the outcome in ring forgings rely on the material that is used, as well as the strength, sturdiness, and ability to resist wear. Above all, these outcomes must be able to sustain high temperatures.Since most of the products are used in heavy-duty work, the strength of the material must withstand great impact. However, the two methods are used to produce different objects. Rolled ring products are used in either long billets or thick sheets, whereas forgings or forged products have the most fanciful shapes.

What Are They For?

Rolled rings and forgings are used in bushings, the aerospace industry, oil rigs, mining equipment, and industrial pieces of machinery.

Making a Decision

In most circumstances, ring rolling is the way to go. Make sure to talk to your specialist at Ferralloy, as they will be able to advise you on the best option for your specific needs.

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Looking for a Solution to Your Ring Rolling Needs?

We at Ferralloy have invested in material and technical expertise to provide components you can truly count on. If you want to know more about rolled rings and forgings for your project, Ferralloy can help. Contact us now!