Seamless rolled rings forging involves a number of steps. It plays an important role in the manufacturing of components that are used for machinery. What exactly is the process that results in seamless rings? Well, let’s take a look at the seamless rolled ring forging process.

Raw Material

Preparing the raw material, usually made out of metal, is the first step in the forging process. Once the metal is pierced to be in the shape of a donut, it undergoes the process of being transformed into the desired shape. The metal is hammered using forging die until the end result is achieved.


Forging is known for the strength and durability that it provides. This is achieved by upsetting. The upsetting process helps achieve structural stability and integrity as well as directional grain flow. After the upsetting is complete, the piercing of the metal takes place.


The metal is placed in an idler roll and applies pressure continuously along with the drive roll and the axial rolls. This is the final step in the process.

Are You Interested in Seamless Rings?

At Ferralloy, we supply rolled ring forgings in diameters up to 110” from carbon, alloy, and stainless steel. Rolled ring forgings can be supplied in as-forged condition, rough machined, or we can machine completely finished rolled ring with close tolerances. Contact us today to learn more about our seamless rolled rings or to place your order for high-quality seamless rolled rings no matter what your project is.

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