The rolled ring forging process plays an important role in the manufacturing of certain components. Before we get into how you can buy rolled ring forgings, let’s talk a little more about what they are and what they are used for.

Ring Forging Process

Rolled ring forging begins by taking a circle shaped metal that has already had the middle removed by open die forging to form a donut shape. The donut shape metal is then heated to a temperature beyond what is required for recrystallization before it is rolled. The roll is then made to move in the direction of the drive roll. This will rotate on a continuous basis so that the wall’s thickness is reduced and the ring’s diameters will be increased.

Different Configurations of the Rings

It’s possible to fabricate the rings in a variety of different configurations. The ratios of wall thickness to ring height tend to range from 1:16 to 16:1, however, it’s possible to adjust these proportions.

Most Popular Rings

The most popular and simply shaped ring made is a rectangular-shaped cross-section model. It is possible though to make seamless rolled ring options in any number of more complicated, customized shapes by utilizing shaped tooling methods.

Are You in Need of Rolled Ring Forgings?

Ferralloy provides rolled ring forgings in diameters up to 110” from carbon, alloy, and stainless steel and is some of the highest quality forged rings available on the market. Contact us today to learn more about rolled ring forgings.

How can I find rolled ring forgings?