We used to create electricity by whatever means required, with little regard for the repercussions. Since then, we’ve learned a lot about how different power generation methods influence the environment, leading to a shift to more environmentally friendly power generation technologies. Seamless rolled ring forgings are employed in a wide range of power generation equipment, from windmills to nuclear power plants.

The process of making rolled ring forgings

The Importance of Seamless Rolled Rings in the Field of Renewable Energy

Solar Energy

With a couple of energy collecting technologies, solar energy is crucial to the energy mix. Turbines are used in solar energy harvesting, and solar panels typically require gearing in the production process, both of which are excellent forging applications.

Hydro Power Energy

Hydropower is the process of transforming the kinetic energy of water into electricity. Many forgings, including discs, shafts, and rings, are appropriate for components like rotors, wheels, and driveshafts used in hydropower turbines and generators.

Biomass Energy

Biomass is converted to energy through various methods, including direct combustion to produce solid, gas, and liquid fuels.Forgings are an excellent alternative for biomass power generation due to the necessity for components to survive high heat, pressure, and acidic conditions throughout these operations.

Forged Parts for Renewable Energy

Whether your project’s application is used for solar, hydro, or biomass power, rolled ring forgings are the approach to go for renewable energy simply because of the inherent benefits of seamless forgings.The following are some of the most common forged shapes used in renewable energy:

  • Shafts
  • Discs and Hubs
  • Rings
  • Complex Shapes (such as blades and rotors)
Rolled ring forgings

Looking for the Best Rolled Ring Forgings?

When it comes to generating electricity, efficiency is key, which means precision-machined rolling ring forgings are essential. Ferralloy, Inc. has excellent rolled rings available for your next project. We can provide you with high-quality rolled ring forgings that are both affordable and timely. Get a quote for all of your metal needs. Contact us today!