While practically all metal materials are employed in closed die forging, only a portion of the materials is used in real manufacturing for the various properties. One of the most important elements affecting the cost of forgings is the material utilized. Let’s look at some of the materials that are commonly utilized in closed die forgings.

Hot Forging process after Closed Die Forging method

Common Materials in Closed Die Forging

Forged Aluminum

Because of its low density, great strength, and ease of machining, aluminum is quite popular. It’s commonly utilized in closed die forging, particularly in the automotive and aerospace industries.  Despite its widespread use in the aerospace and automotive industries, it poses a problem for domestic forging due to its tendency for deformation after forging. Heat treatment, on the other hand, can help to improve hardness and other qualities.

Forged Brass or Copper

Brass forging and copper forging is a superior manufacturing method in which forging presses apply great pressure to heated pure brass, resulting in a defect-free output. The closed die forging method produces high-quality brass and copper hot forgings that compare favorably in material integrity, dimensional accuracy, and surface finish to products created using other primary metalworking methods.

Forged Steel

Steel is by far the most frequently recommended material for closed die forging. Depending on the forging’s purpose, alloy steel, carbon steel, and stainless steel are all used. Components that require corrosion and rust resistance are frequently made of stainless steel. Steel forgings feature lower surface porosity, finer grain structure, higher tensile strength, and more ductility than any other steel processing method.

Why Should You Go with Closed Die Forging?

Closed die forging has high upfront costs for developing processes and tools, but it is the most cost-effective forging method for large-volume production because recurrent costs per part are low.

worker assembles the Closed Die Forging finished unit

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