Forging is manufacturing process where metal is pressed, pounded or squeezed under great pressure into high strength parts known as forgings. Usually, the process is performed hot by preheating the metal to the desired temperature before it is worked. Let’s take a look at how forging compares to other methods as well as where you can get forged rolled rings fast.

Forgings vs Castings

Forgings are typically stronger and less costly than castings. Casting cannot obtain the strengthening effects of hot and cold working. In addition, forged products are more reliable. They are manufactured without the added costs for tighter process controls and inspection that are required for casting. Forgings also react better to extreme heat. They respond more predictably to heat treatment and offer better dimensional stability.

Forgings vs Weldments/Fabrications

Forgings are stronger and offer simplified production compared to weldments/fabrications. Welded structures are not usually free of porosity. Any strength benefit gained from welding or fastening standard rolled products can be lost by poor welding. Welding and mechanical fastening also require careful selection of joining materials, fastening types and sizes, and close monitoring of tightening practice both of which increase production costs. Forging simplifies production and ensures better quality and consistency part after part.

Are You Looking to Get Forged Rolled Rings Fast?

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How Can I Get Forged Rolled Rings Fast?