If you’re acquainted with the fabrication of investment castings, you probably know how essential heat treatments are irrespective of whether your project requires ferrous or non-ferrous alloys. Without the critical phase of applying heat treatments, the mechanical properties of the materials used will not be adequately enhanced.  Therefore, a range of heat treatment processes along with the best type of materials used is important to complete the procedure.

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What are the Best Types of Investment Casting Materials?

Stainless Steel

There is a wide array of alloys to choose from when it comes to the selection process for investment castings. One of the most common materials is stainless steel because of its superior durability. In contrast with the other types of materials, stainless steel is said to be sturdy and robust. It is a potential material used by engineers and designers to increase the use of investment castings. Moreso, it is used in golf club heads, camp components, various gears, and automotive applications.

Cast Iron

Cast iron technically includes ductile iron and gray iron. It is often known for having an affordable price and high accuracy in application. Although the cast iron has a complex production method, it still possesses the ideal toughness, heat-resistance, and high strength needed to achieve its purpose. However, this investment castings material will require you to spend high production costs.

Copper Alloy

This type of investment casting material features a low possibility of wear and tear. Likewise, it is corrosion resistant and often used in applications like plumbing components, electrical components, and pump or ship propellers. Copper alloys may also include brass and bronze; however, the strongest composition is that of beryllium-copper. This type of copper alloy is created to have high corrosion resistance and high-strength alloy steels.

Super Alloy

Another material used in investment castings is superalloy. It is grounded and made from cobalt and nickel. Superalloys are frequently used in the marine, chemical, medical, energy, and aerospace industries because it can withstand wear and tear, oxidation, corrosion, and high temperatures.

who offers investment castings?

More Information About Investment Castings?

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