One of the best ways to quickly produce quality parts is through investment casting. Investment castings are a great way to create what you need without sacrificing quality.

How an Investment Casting is Made

The investment casting process can be broken down into very clear steps. First, a special mold produces a wax pattern. This pattern is what the casting will be made from. The pattern is dipped in a refractory coating repeatedly until fully coated. While still wet, the pattern is dipped in a ceramic slurry to create the mold that the molten metal will eventually be poured into. The wax is melted out, leaving the mold empty, and then molten metal is poured in. After that, the refractory mold is removed, and the casting is ready for any final machining that might be needed to fill the order.

Benefits and Applications of an Investment Casting

One of the biggest benefits of investment casting is that you can create highly complex parts with ease. Given that you can make the mold as intricate as you want or need, you can make what you need. Another big benefit is you can quickly create a high volume of parts without sacrificing quality. The trees that the wax pattern sits on can be as large as you need, and you can create multiples of them. In an afternoon you can create a high number of parts within a short period of time in a way that does not sacrifice quality.

Where can I get good investment castings?

Looking for Information about Investment Castings?

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