Rolled rings are widely employed in a variety of industries, and their durability and effectiveness have made them one of the most widely used materials. They are suitable for both static and dynamic applications. This ring is heated, then rotated to reduce the thickness of the ring’s walls while expanding the diameters. It’s a method that starts with a circular metal preform that has already been punctured to create a hollow “doughnut” shape. Here are a few examples of where they are utilized.


Where Do Rolled Rings Come into Play?

Aircraft & Aerospace

Jet engines and helicopter rotor assemblies benefit from forged rings and discs. They are more durable than castings, weldments, or flame-cut plates, making them ideal for aeronautical applications.


Almost every important structural or high-load component in trucks and autos is made of them. Forged rolling rings are utilized in clutches, crankshafts, braking systems, camshafts, gears, and couplings, to name a few applications. Forged parts are not only more resistant to the wear and tear of daily usage, but they are also lighter and less susceptible to torque and high pressure.


Bearings are machinery that perform a key task and are based on the simple principle that objects roll better than they slide. Our bearing products’ conforming grain flow assures that they keep their durability promises.

Oil and Gas

They’re used as pipe connector rings, as well as a variety of flanges and pipeline pressure vessel connections. Because connections are common places of failure in this system, the capacity to endure high pressure, high temperatures, and corrosive substances, as well as the potential for injury to people or the environment, forged rolled rings are especially crucial.


Do You Want to Learn More About Rolled Rings?

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