Forging is a manufacturing method that involves applying compressive forces to shape metal and size it for a specific application. Depending on the material and the product being forged, industry professionals will use different processes, each with its own set of benefits and applications. The following blog provides an overview of the various forging techniques: rolled rings, Impression Die, and Open Die

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Should I Use Rolled Ring, Impression Die, or Open Die?

Rolled Ring

Compared to other forged parts, rolled ring forged components have longer lives and better surface finishes. Heavy mining equipment, aerospace engines, wind power generators, and railway equipment frequently use rolled rings due to their high durability. Instead of flat dies, rolled ring forgings employ curved dies to create ring-shaped components. Continuous production is possible with the rolled ring forging process, resulting in increased productivity and lower costs.

Impression Die

Impression dies forging, also known as closed die forging, uses dies to shape the material into the desired parts and products, similar to open die forging. The oil and gas, automotive, and mining industries all use impression die forged components. Fittings, flanges, and engine components are produced using this method.

Open Die

Open die forging uses two flat or shaped dies on both sides to impart pressure to the base material. The procedure is commonly used in the aerospace and railway sectors to build large and heavy components, including cylinders, rollers, and shafts.

Quick Takeaway

All process of forging instills trust in the assurance of final performance. Forged surfaces have an excellent, uniform appearance and are highly resistant to corrosion and coating failure. Conservation of resources is ensured by using metal alloys that can be recycled and utilized over time.

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Want To Know More About Rolled Rings?

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