Seamless forged rings are created through a process called ring rolling. They are produced using a range of configurations and are used for a variety of parts. Some of those include bearings, valves, robotics, gears, and some machines. Let’s take a look at some other important things that you need to know about seamless rolled rings.


The seamless ring process begins by taking a circle-shaped metal that has already been pierced to look like a doughnut, thus the ring name. The shape is then heated beyond the required temperature for recrystallization. It is then shaped into the desired shape.


When it comes to seamless rolled ring forging, there are many advantages over other methods. A few of those include:

  • Durability
  • Can handle high temperatures
  • Cost-effective
  • Lesser restrictions
  • Ability to predict how the metal will react
  • Wide-ranging size

Most Popular Shapes

The most popular and simply shaped ring made is the rectangular-shaped cross-section model. While that one might be the most popular, one of the benefits of rolled rings is the ability to forge the metal into nearly any shape. That includes any number of more complicated, customized shapes characterized by contouring on the external and internal diameters.

Are You Looking for Seamless Rolled Rings?

Seamless rolled rings can be used in a variety of parts that are found in a variety of different industries because of the advantages listed above. Since it is so important, it is crucial to get a part that you can rely on. That’s why at Ferralloy, we offer high-quality seamless rings. Contact us today to learn more, or to place an order.

What are seamless rolled rings?