The best method for creating metal ring structures is due to seamless rolled ring forging. Because they gain circumferential grain structures, seamless rolling ring forging produces stronger ring shapes. The end product is the same: round and incredibly strong.  

several rolled rings

Industries That Often Use Rolled Rings  

Marine Industry  

Various loading conditions, such as bending, axle drive, and transversal load, are applied to marine systems when they are in operation. The propulsion shaft’s lifespan is shortened by corrosion and general wear and tear caused by the weather, the sea, and load tension. Finding the best rolled rings is essential due to all of these factors.  

Power Generation Industry  

Due to the high level of technology in the power generation industry, forged parts like rolling rings are essential. They must endure prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures, wind, climatic conditions, and chemicals. Rolling ring components for the power generating industry are frequently made using various alloys’ open die forging techniques.  

Aviation Sector  

Seamless rolled rings are used throughout several industries, including the aviation industry. Every airplane uses rolled rings and forged components, from major bearings to essential mechanical components.  

Air pressure variations cause practically constant stress on aircraft parts. The potential for failure if they weren’t employed is one of the reasons why forged rolling rings are used in critical components such as aircraft engines, jet turbines, and helicopter gearboxes in the aviation industry.  

Automotive Industry  

Nearly all key structural or escalating components in trucks and vehicles in this industry are forged rolling rings. In addition to being better able to survive normal use-related wear and tear, forged components also have higher torque, high-pressure resistance, and weight compared to other components.

rolled rings in automotive industry

Where Can You Get Quality Seamless Rolled Rings?  

At Ferralloy Inc., our forging specialists can produce the most durable and dependable seamless rolled rings. It’s crucial to deal with trustworthy businesses that have the knowledge, experience, and goods you need when purchasing from forged ring manufacturers. Contact us today!