Seamless rolled rings may be used for a variety of purposes, which is why they are so crucial in so many areas. Rolled rings are used in the oil and gas sector for a range of functions. Rolled rings are employed not only in the extraction and storage of oil and gas but also in the manufacturing process. Here are some of the most popular uses of rolled rings in the oil and gas industry if you want to learn more.

seamless rolled rings after machining

Common Uses of Rolled Rings in Oil and Gas Industry

Hydraulic Fracturing

Fracturing has grown in popularity as a technique of locating and extracting oil from the solid ground, and seamless rolled rings play a crucial part in the fracking process. Because hydraulic fracturing, often known as fracking, exerts much pressure on the parts involved, seamless rolled rings are the ideal option. Seamless rolled rings do not break, corrode, or malfunction at extreme temps, allowing the process to continue as intended for longer.

Pipe Fittings

Oil must pass through several pipelines to be collected and transported to a secure storage site. The challenge is that one length of pipe can only be used for so long before it must be connected to another, and such couplings are frequently prone to leaking.Seamless rolled rings are commonly linked to oil transport pipes, making them essential for the collection, transportation, and storage process. To avoid leaks, these connecting rings must be constructed to exact specifications, and endurance is essential. This is why experts in the oil and gas industry rely on seamless rolled connection rings.

seamless rolled rings batch

Want to Learn More About Seamless Rolled Rings?

It’s easy to obtain the parts you need for everything from aerospace and automotive engines to pipelines and fracking equipment when you have a reliable rolled ring manufacturer. Contact Ferralloy if you need the best seamless rolled rings manufactured to your exact specifications.