Ring rolling is a forging process used to make rings for different types of projects. Let’s take a deeper look at the rolled ring process as well as why you should use ring rolled parts for your next project.

How It’s Formed

Ring rolling is a forming process for the production of rings. Commonly a headed and pierced ring is used as raw part to be expanded and possibly profiled with a ring rolling machine. By reducing the wall thickness and the height of the ring, the diameter of the ring increases while maintaining a constant volume. This process enables the production of rings with diameters ranging from ten centimeters to ten meters.

Typical Ring Rolling Products

Rolled rings are used in bearings, slewing bearings, turbine disks or in gear blanks. Specialty machines can also make solid wheels and wheel disks for high-speed trains, locomotives, railway carriages, trams and subway trains. Ring rolled parts are also popular in the automotive and airline industry with bevel gear and axle drive wheels, transmission manufacturing, and turbine manufacturing.

Target Industries

The following industries are where the majority of ring rolled parts are found:

  • Vehicle manufacturing / Automotive industry
  • Transportation industry
  • Aerospace industry
  • Machine and plant building industry
  • Offshore wind power and energy technology

Should I Use Ring Rolling for My Next Project?

Are you looking at using ring rolled parts for your next project? At Ferralloy we offer high-quality parts at competitive prices. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your next project.

Should I use ring rolling for my next project?