There are several types of metal rolling – all of which allow metal workers to create large and small pieces. And, certain methods of ring rolling provide extremely strong and reliable components for an array of industry needs. But, one of the perks of ring rolling is the variety of shapes it can make.


Shear rolled rings means that a solid, cylindrical shape is created. It is hefty and reliable as it retains all of its volume during the rolling process. This is a very simple yet useful piece of metalworking. What is also great is that ring rolling creates completely seamless materials. This makes them even more reliable.


If you are looking for a flattened rolled ring. Imagine if you took a shear shape and pressed down to flatten it out like a thick coin. It is important to note that parts produced with ring rolling give the material a grain with orientation. This allows for even more strength.


A punch is another step from a flattened shape. You can think of it as though you punched a hole through the flattened component. To create rolled rings, metal workers use an idler roll (which will shape out the middle) and a drive roll (which will shape the outside in conjunction with the idler role).

Looking for Ring Rolling for Your Next Project?

The integrity of your project relies on the durability of your metal components. If you’re in need of ring rolling for your pieces, contact us at Ferralloy to discuss how we can supply your project!

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