You probably know that seamless rolled rings forging is hugely popular among various sectors including nuclear industry, pharmaceutical companies, and machine shops. In case you’re wondering how the process of rolled ring forging is performed, it starts with a circular preform of metal. Read on to learn more about seamless rolled rings.

Learn about seamless rolled rings materials

Materials Used and Process Employed


Carbon is another material that’s frequently used for rolled ring forgings. Nevertheless, when more of this material is added, cracks may occur and the material may become more challenging to deform and weld.

Stainless Steel

This type of material is widely used for seamless rolled rings because of its chemical and physical properties which include durability, stability, strength, and resistance to heat as well as corrosion.

Alloy Steel

Several manufacturers across the globe turn to alloy steel for constructions that require strong, tough, and hard rolled ring forgings. In most cases, the best-known alloy steel options include 4130, 4140, and 4340. It’s essential to note that you may have to use additional heat treatments for definite types of alloys in order to reach your desired ring quality.

How Does the Process Work?

The process of producing seamless rolled ring forging begins with a circular preform of metal that was previously upset and pierced through the open die forging process to create a hollow donut-shaped component. The heat that is above the recrystallization temperature is applied to the donut before it is placed on the mandrel or idler roll. The donut is continuously rotated as the idler roll is moving under pressure toward a drive roll. As the donut is being rotated, its wall thickness is being reduced and its diameters are being increased.

seamless rolled rings materials

Learn More About Seamless Rolled Rings

Did you know that seamless rolled rings forging requires little or no machining? Since the shape of the rings and the finished shapes’ contour closely match, they are manufactured at a much lower cost compared to similar products. Call us for more information.