When it comes to choosing parts and components for your next project, it can be difficult to determine the best material for your specific needs. There are so many different metals and alloys to choose from, each with their own set of benefits. One type of material that you might find beneficial is Zirconium (Zr). It possesses many benefits, from low toxicity to corrosion resistance, that make it the perfect option for a wide range of parts in countless industries. Are you interested in learning more about this useful material? Then keep reading for 10 fascinating facts about Zirconium!

10 Fascinating Facts About Zirconium

learn some zirconium facts from Ferralloy, Inc.
  1. This metal was discovered in 1789 by Martin Heinrich Klaproth in Berlin.
  2. Zr is a grayish white color and is a transition metal.
  3. It’s melting point is 3371 ˚F or 1855 ˚C.
  4. South Africa and Australia possess the most abundant sources of this metal.
  5. Zr is often used as a hardening agent in alloys such as steel.
  6. It is extremely strong, ductile, and malleable.
  7. When kept at ordinary temperatures, it has a hexagonal close-packed crystalline structure.
  8. Both its physical and chemical properties are very similar to those of Titanium.
  9. It does not readily absorb thermal neutrons.
  10. Alloying elements can be added to Zirconium to make it the perfect fit for many different applications.
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