Have you heard of the metal zirconium? It’s a chemical element that is a strong solid at room temperature. It does not exist in a pure state in nature and requires complex physio-chemical processes to get there. When it is in pure form, it’s a corrosion resistant metal that can handle high water temperatures. In addition, it can create different alloys that can handle highly corrosive environments, such as strong alkalis and mineral acids. This is why it’s very useful for parts that will be exposed to extreme environments.

what is zirconium

Brief History of Zirconium

Martin Heinreich Klaproth was the German chemist who discovered zirconium. This discovery took place in 1789 as Klaproth was analyzing jargon from the island of Ceylon. Upon finding the element, he decided to name it “zirkonerde (zirconia).” In 1808, Humphry Day tried to isolate the element using electrolysis, but was unable to do so. Later, Jons Jacob Berzelius was finally able to successfully isolate it.In 1824, it was prepared in an impure form by Berzelius. This preparation was done by mixing potassium and potassium zirconium fluoride in a tube. The first industrial process that was able to produce metallic zirconium was called the crystal bar process. This process was surpassed by the easier and cheaper kroll process later on.

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