The process that concerns the production of seamless forged rings is called ring rolling. The process is done on machines known as rolling mills. These rolling mills have the capacity to generate rings that have an outer diameter that changes from just a few inches up to 300 inches. Additionally, forged rolled rings will also differ from approximately 1 to 300,000 pounds.

The Process

What is the Procedure of Making Seamless Rolled Rings?

To start the process, a circular metal component will be pierced so as to produce a hollow ring that somewhat looks like a doughnut. Upon the formation of a hollow piece, the ring is then processed to recrystallization temperatures. After the recrystallization process, it is then placed onto the idler roll. Once it is under pressure, it will be positioned towards the drive roll. Additionally, seamless forged rolled rings may be produced using several variations of configurations. Whether it is a small washer-like part or tall cylindrical shape part, the rings are often in a rectangular cross-section shape. More so, whether you want customized or complex shapes, these types of rings may be manufactured through the use of shaping tools.

What are Forged Rolled Rings Used For?

Forged rolled rings are used in several products such as drives and clutches, glass-lined reactors, machines, couplings, gears, robotics, flanges, bearings, and valves. Aside from these products, the rings are also used by industries which have railways, helicopter gearboxes, windmills, jet engines, oil field, gear drive and presses, rock crushing, mining, power generation, or military. Likewise, forged rolled rings are exceptionally used as yielding and tensile properties for bearings, gears, and heavy machinery. Also, professionals state that forging companies can forge rings over 200 grades of stainless steel. These are done through the use of various types of materials such as tool steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, and other types of metal alloys.

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