In this article, you will know the basics about the seamless rolled ring forging – what it is, what is it used for, and what companies require this type of material. The process you need to familiarize yourself with when it comes to ring forging is called Ring Rolling. It is a process that creates a seamless forged ring with the use of a rolling mill. A rolling mill is a machine that produces rings of different weights and diameters.

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Facts About Seamless Rolled Ring Forging

How the Process Begins

The ring rolling process begins with a circular metal piece that is perforated or punctured to create a doughnut-shaped material. Once the ring is created, it is placed in a high temperature for the recrystallization process to start. From there, it proceeds to the idler roll and moved towards the drive roll. This process causes the forging to rotate and widen its diameter. The wall thickness of your rolled rings is also enhanced. To produce a seamless ring, there are various ranges of configurations that are synthetically made with the use of a shaping tool. Examples of configurations are small parts resembling washers and tall cylinders. The last step in the process focuses more on the desired size to be achieved. The rolled ring process will continue to progress until the precise size is achieved. Hence, it is essential to know your desired size before starting the forging process.

Usage and Where Can It Be Found

Seamless rolled ring forging is used for valves, robotics, machines, glass-lined reactors, gears, flanges, drives, couplings, clutches, and bearings. Additionally, you can find these materials being used by the military, in oil industries, power generation, as well as, for mining purposes. Because of this superb power generation, seamless rolled rings are also used in railways, windmills, jet engines, and power rock crushing equipment.

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