Forging and forming are two of the most common metalworking processes. They involve the manipulation of metal to achieve the desired size and/or shape. Each method uses different manufacturing processes to manipulate metal components. To learn more about the distinctions between forging and forming in metalworking, keep reading.

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What Exactly Is the Distinction Between Forming and Forging?

What is Forming?

Forming is a metalworking process that involves the use of mechanical deformation to reshape a metal workpiece. Metal workpieces undergo forming to modify their form rather than their mass. Any metalworking technique that involves mechanical deformation of a metalwork piece is referred to as “forming.”Metalworking includes both compressive and tensile forming techniques. Compressive loading is used to distort metal workpieces in the former, whereas tensile stress is used to deform metal workpieces in the latter. Because they involve compressive loading, rolling and extrusion, for example, are considered compressive forming. On the other hand, stretching and recessing are termed tensile forming since they subject metal workpieces to tensile stress.

What Is Forging?

Forging is a metalworking method that uses pressure blows to bend and manipulate the shape of a metal product. It is one of the oldest metalworking procedures, dating back to the 1100s when blacksmiths utilized power hammers to create metal workpieces.New forging techniques have emerged in the years since. However, all forging techniques require the deformation and shaping of metal workpieces under high pressure.

Final Thoughts

Forging and shaping are both used to change the size and shape of metal objects. The distinction between forging and forming is that forging uses pressured blows to shape metal workpieces, whereas forming uses mechanical deformation.

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Learn More About Forgings

Companies and manufacturers use forgings, castings, and forming to maintain consistent durability and strength. As a result, customers who purchase these items are more likely to make worthwhile purchases. Contact Ferralloy Inc. today to learn more about forging!