Machined castings are necessary if you require one-of-a-kind metal cast parts. Castings aren’t usually perfect right out of the mold. Machining allows us to customize your casting to fit your specific requirements. Whatever machining method you require for your project, we have advanced equipment to get the job done.

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Why Machine Castings?

The Process of Machining

Depending on the sort of component being worked on, the machining process can take many different shapes. Machining is excellent for items with fine details, which are difficult or impossible to create using the casting method. When you have a metal cast component that requires precise details, machined castings ensure that the finished result meets your expectations.

The Three Main Types of Machining for Metalworking


Cutting works effectively for metal items that require specified, exact geometry, and may be done with single-point or multi-point cutting tools. However, this may not be the ideal approach for curved and/or twisted metal components.


In some cases, a piece of metal may not be able to withstand standard cutting or abrasive procedures. In these scenarios, we may utilize chemical and electrical energy to achieve the desired results.


Sand casting or grinding are two examples of abrasive machining for metalworking. This method gradually molds metal cast objects into the correct shape instead of the abrupt style that cutting produces.

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More Information About Machined Castings

We guarantee the quality of every Ferralloy Inc. product. If you’re still not sure which manufacturing process is best for you, schedule a consultation with our team today.