Machined castings include a number of services and factors. Thus, in searching for the best company to deal with this matter, it is essential that you look for an on-site and full-service machine shop with the ability to machine a variety of alloys, as well as, to machine enormous castings up to 4500 kilograms. The company must reliable and efficient journeymen machinists that are able to handle a dynamic balancing of up to 2900 kilograms with careful use of the equipment. In addition to the workforce, it is also imperative that the company must have state-of-the-art machining equipment, specialized key seater machine, and other useful machines and pieces of equipment.

Full Service Machined Castings

What are Machined Castings used for?

When the time comes that your casting applications require machining to tight tolerances, it is important that you get a partner or acquire the services of professional companies whom you can rely on to give a reliable and unfailing high-quality service. At Ferralloy, our skilled machinists have the ability to offer quality machined castings for wear components, valve bodies, casings, split castings, diffusers, impellers, and other specialty components that you deem important. Whether your castings were placed in our sand foundry or other materials used for castings, we have the ability to offer you an assembly, finish-machined, and semi-machined results.

Specialized Impeller Machining

Since impellers have been an essential part of the casting business from the time this process was discovered, our company is known to be experts in trade and casting processes. We can immediately assemble, balance, keyway, and finish your impeller machines and machined castings without having to compromise its quality. With our experience and expertise, we have the ability to machine keyways up to 40 inches long and 4.5 inches wide. Other machine shops can justify this because of the existing and frequent contract they have with us to complete the work.

Dimensions and Tolerances of Machined Castings

At Ferralloy, we know that tight tolerance requirements can be attained for the most crucial components like pump and compressor castings, high-pressure valves, seals, sleeves, and rotating elements for as long as the processes are carefully followed and the materials used are made of quality components. Contact us now and tell us about your casting problems!