Outside diameters for seamless rings can range from 2 to 110 inches. They can also weigh as little as one pound or as much as 50,000 pounds. To produce these parts, a donut-shaped component is made by piercing a metal preform with a circular shape. The part is heated beyond the temperature necessary for recrystallization before being placed over the mandrel roll or idler.  

Moreover, the roll rotates constantly as it is moved in the direction of the drive roll until the required ring size is reached. These processes and results have helped many industries, including the following.  

oil company that uses a lot of seamless rings products

Industries That Make Use of Seamless Rings  

Oil and Gas Producers  

Seamless rings are utilized in forge flanges and pressure vessel connectors for pipelines in the oil and gas sector. Subsea connections, oil and surface gas exploration, and hydraulic fracturing, sometimes known as fracking, are possible additional applications.  

Transportation and Aviation  

There are numerous applications for seamless rings in the automotive industry. In reality, clutches, bearings, gears, drives, couplings, and more all utilize these components in some capacity. Meanwhile, did you know that seamless rings are also essential for jet turbines and jet engines in the aviation sector? Additionally, they are frequently utilized in helicopter gear.  

Industrial Manufacturing  

Seamless rings are used in almost every manufacturing sector. They are frequently used in food and chemical processing and gear and bearing applications. Most of the time, these metal components are employed in harsh environments such places often exposed to severe weather, friction, pressure, and high temperatures.  

For example, applications for seamless rings include wind turbines, reactors, paper mills, mining, robotics, shipbuilding, heating and cooling systems, and many more.

aeroplane with seamless rings

Where to Purchase Seamless Rings?  

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