Casting and forging are two different types of production. The process of casting involves heating a substance to its melting point and pouring it into a mold, where it solidifies. When something is forged, it is bent into shape physically while staying solid and heated continuously. In this article, we shall define the underlying meaning of both techniques.

Melting furnace and factory equipment for casting method

Cast vs. Forged Steel: Key Differences

Casting Process

  • It functions at a temperature above that of melting.
  • Casting is better and easier for complex parts.
  • Casted parts are more expensive but very precise.
  • The process of casting is semi-automated.
  • Heat treatment causes a non-uniform response in the casting process.
  • Casting is devoid of both strength and grain flow.
  • Porosity can be a problem in casting.
  • Castings aren’t as strong as forged metals.
  • Casting has a low performance rate.

Forging Process

  • Forging refines the grain structure of the casted ingots.
  • Forged components are less expensive and more dependable.
  • The production rate is higher because machine utility is utilized.
  • There is no porosity or die holes in the forged components.
  • The intricate components are difficult to forge.
  • Forging will not function above the melting point.
  • When heat treatment is used on forging components, the reaction is better.

Why Choose Casting Method?

The difference between the physical characteristics of the cast and forged goods has narrowed as casting methods have advanced, making current cast products extremely competitive in terms of quality, strength, and wear resistance: Steel forging, on the other hand, is still the favored production method in many sectors.

Casting alloy preform for taps and valves

Want to Know More About Forging and Casting Method?

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