Are you looking for metal components for your next project? You might want to consider seamless rolled rings. The process of forging these rings requires punching a hole in a thick or round piece of metal. The piece is then heated, rolled, and squeezed into a ring. Thanks to this process, seamless rolled rings hold countless advantages that make them an appealing option for numerous industries.

Why are Seamless Rolled Rings Used?

Using seamless rolled rings can be very advantageous. Here are 3 qualities that make these rings a valuable metal component:1) Strong They are stronger compared to other metal components. They are also able to maintain their strength during high temperature fluctuations.2) VersatileThese rings can be made using any forgeable material. This includes alloys, stainless steel, carbon, aerospace metals, and more. Its versatility makes this metal component a responsive and flexible answer for parts used in chemical, refinery, and power generation industries.3) Cost EffectiveOne of the greatest advantages of utilizing seamless rolled rings is that it costs less than similar components to manufacture them. This is possible because the rings closely match the contour of the finished shape. As a result, the product requires fewer machining operations, reduced weight, and lower costs for raw materials.

What are They Used For?

Due to being strong, versatile, and cost effective, seamless rolled rings are used for a variety of applications. These rings are commonly used as key components in jet engines, jet turbines, wind mills, paper mills, helicopter gearboxes, and other extreme environments. If you are interested in using seamless rolled rings for your next project, look no further than Ferralloy Inc. We are leaders in the metal working industry and employ the latest technologies to manufacture high quality metal components. Contact our metal manufacturing company today to learn more about how we can help benefit you!