Are you working on a project that requires the use of seamless rolled ring forging? The process of creating a seamless rolled ring involves the creation of a circular piece of metal that’s pierced at the center. Through open die forging, the metal is formed into something that’s shaped like a doughnut before it’s heated between 400 and 700˚C. Next, it’s placed on a mandrel or idler roll that increases the steel ring’s diameters and reduces the thickness of its walls. As the idler or mandrel roll pushes the ring’s walls outward, a wide range of shapes and sizes can be formed.

What are the Properties of Rolled Ring Forging?

The process that involves heating the doughnut-shaped metal above recrystallization temperature significantly improves the metal’s grain pattern. This increases the strength and resistance of the seamless rolled ring forging. Furthermore, the durability of this product allows it to maintain its shape when it is exposed to extreme fluctuations of temperature. Lastly, seamless rolled rings are also known to be cost-effective because they require less labor, machining, and raw materials compared to other alternatives.

What are the Common Applications of Rolled Rings?

In case you’re wondering, these strong, durable, and cost-effective metal components are widely used in various industries such as aerospace engineering, mining, as well as power generation. They are also extremely useful in manufacturing custom pressure vessel components which include valves, couplings, bearings, and forged flanges.

who offers seamless rolled ring forging?

Are You Interested to Know More About Seamless Rolled Ring Forging?

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