A process used widely and performed to the highest level by Ferralloy, the seamless rolled ring forging process plays an important role in the manufacturing of certain components. Forging is a method of manufacturing inherently stronger components for machinery. When apparatuses are needed for the development of wind turbines or when high quality gears are needed for mechanical parts, the seamless rolled ring forging process is used to manufacture superior pieces. What is this process? Keep reading to learn more about the role that the seamless rolled ring forging process plays in the metal working industry!

Rolled Ring Forging Process can be accomplished at Ferralloy Inc!

What is the Process? To begin the seamless rolled ring forging process, an ingot or billet is cut to size and then upset to achieve mechanical properties. What this means is that the starting stock pushed between flat dies at its plastic deformation temperature in order to achieve the proper shape. Then the center of the ingot’s center is punched to create a ring rolling “donut”. The stock would be hot at this point and the middle would be pierced to displace the metal radially.Once the punch out has been done and a complete hold through the stock is created, the ring is now ready for the ring rolling operation. It begins with ID and OD pressure being applied to the ring, and as the pressure increases, so does the ring diameter. When the desired ring diameter is achieved, the seamless rolled ring forging process is complete.Rolled ring applications range from ring gears that can be used in industrial and farm equipment to bearings and flanges. Rolled ring components can be seen in power plants, chemical plants, freighters, cargo ships and wind mills. For the best quality metal components, trust none other than Ferralloy, Inc for any metal manufacturing needs. Connect with our metal manufacturing company today and find out how we can help you meet your metal working needs!

Rolled Ring Forging Process in an illustration