Forged rolled rings can have outside diameters that range from 2 to 110 inches. They can also weigh as much as 50,000 pounds or as little as a pound. The process of creating these parts involves piercing a metal preform that’s circular in shape in order to create a donut-shaped component. Next, the heat that’s beyond the required temperature for recrystallization is applied to the part before placing it over the mandrel roll or idler. As the roll is moved in the drive roll’s direction, it continuously rotates until the desired ring size is achieved. In case you’re wondering about the different types of industries that use forged rolled rings, check this out:

What are the Different Types of Industries that Use Forged Rolled Rings?

Heavy Duty Manufacturing

Almost every manufacturing industry makes use of forged rings. Aside from being used in gear and bearing applications, they are also widely used in food and chemical processing. In most cases, these metal parts are being used in extreme environments such as areas that are continually exposed to harsh weather conditions, friction, pressure, and high temperature. To give you an idea, applications for forged rolled rings include heating and cooling systems, mining, robotics, shipbuilding, paper mills, rock crushing equipment, wind turbines, reactors, and many more.

Automotive and Aviation

The automotive industry uses forged rings in a variety of ways. In fact, these components are practically used for almost everything – clutches, bearings, gears, drives, couplings, and more. Meanwhile, did you know that in the aviation industry, forged rings are one of the key parts in jet turbines, as well as jet engines? They’re commonly used in helicopter gearboxes as well.

Oil and Gas Production

In the oil and gas production, forged rings are being used in pressure vessel connections for the pipelines and in forge flanges. Other applications may also include subsea connections, oil and surface gas exploration, and hydraulic fracturing or fracking.

Where to Get Forged Rolled Rings

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