Did you know that compared to other traditional metalworking methods, using rolled ring forgings allows you to resolve the most common manufacturing problems? Rolled ring forgings are created from a circular piece of the metal preform that’s been punched at the center, rounded out and cut until the desired part weight is achieved. To prove this point, check this out:

What are the Common Ring Processing Issues that Rolled Forgings Can Solve?

Failed Structural Integrity

When manufacturers use the casting method in creating rings, the parts they produce often fail the acoustic requirements. This implies extra cost as the rings have to undergo further welding and machining to be able to satisfy the requirements in terms of connectivity. Moreover, welding and machining the rings increase their chances of producing substandard rings. Aside from this, their ability to resist corrosion is also significantly affected and their original shape will also be altered. On the other hand, the ring shape of ring forgings won’t be altered and their resistance to corrosion won’t be diminished because there would be no need for further welding or machining throughout the entire manufacturing process. Thanks to their directional grain flow, forged rolled rings exhibit superior strength.

Lack of Strength

Cast rings generally lack strength. This means that the cost of their upkeep will become potentially higher because weaker rings are prone to breaking and have a shorter lifespan. If you want more durable rings that are less likely to suffer breakage even under heavy strain and pressure, you’d be better off with forged rings.

Increased Wastage

In most cases, more materials are wasted when rings are cast, rolled, and welded from plates. Also, the shapes and sizes of the rings produced by such methods don’t usually meet the desired quality. On the other hand, forged rings can be customized in terms of size, thickness, and shape without wasting the material.

Do You Need Rolled Ring Forgings?

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