Have you made the decision to purchase a forging? Whether you’re thinking about buying seamless rolled rings forgings, impression die forgings, cold forgings or open die forgings, aside from having basic knowledge about the forging process, you’ll need to consider your ideal design so that you’ll get the best bang for your buck. Otherwise, you’ll cost your business a lot of money and a grueling buying experience is bound to happen. Check out these important design factors.

Selection of Material

In order to select the best material that can achieve the desired performance, heat treatability, forgeability, machinability, and cost, service requirements of the part being forged must first be established. Using these requirements as the realistic basis for mechanical properties such as hardness, impact, etc. will lead you to the best price.

Configuration of Parts

A forger may need to make small changes in a component’s shape. To do so, its tooling and processing requirements need to be checked so that these alterations will be made possible without affecting the part’s function.

Dimensional Tolerances

In holding tight as-forged tolerances, a considerable cost is involved. Make sure that the forger can help you in the evaluation of trade-offs between reduced machining and increasing die and processing costs.

Surface Finishing

Almost all forging companies possess machining capabilities and some of them even offer finishing services. You can save on material and machining time if the forger can design the desired forging around the finished part.

Are You Looking to Purchase Rolled Rings Forgings?

Knowing the mentioned design points will help you make wise buying decisions. If you need more information about rolled rings forgings, get in touch with a global supplier of engineered products – Ferralloy, Inc.! We offer total supply chain management to a diverse metalworking customer base. Contact us today to know more about our products and services!