Seamless rolled rings are a type of metal product that is used for many different reasons and are made through rolled ring forging. The process is both very unique and interesting while yielding a product that can vary greatly in size. Pieces created by this type of forging can range in size from being a few inches in diameter to over 300 inches and weigh a single pound to over 300,000 pounds.

What is Rolled Ring Forging?

The ring rolling forging process begins with a heated circular mass of metal that is ready to be molded after being formed and pierced to form a hollow “doughnut”. This is then heated to a high temperature and placed over the mandrel roll. The roller then moves under extreme pressure towards the constantly rotating drive roll that reduces the thickness, increasing the diameter of the final product. It can produce everything from flat washers to tall cylindrical parts.

How is it Produced?

Rolled ring forging is a type of open die forging. The starting material is cut to size by weight and then rounded. It is upset, to achieve structural integrity and a specific directional grain flow. The workpiece is then punched and pierced to make the “doughnut” that is crucial to the ring rolling process. After it is pierced, it is placed on the ring mill for rolling. This is where the actual ring rolling process begins. The idler roll is used to apply pressure to the material against the drive roll. The ring diameter is slowly increased until the desired shape is achieved.

Where can I buy rolled ring forging?

Looking for Rolled Ring Forging Products?

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