Forging is used in a variation of industries for things like oilfield equipment, automotive, agricultural machinery, and construction machines. When it comes to forgings, there are two main types – closed die and open die forging. Hence, it is essential to know the difference between the two types.

Difference Between Open Die and Closed Die Forgings

What are Open Die and Closed Die Forgings?

Closed die forging is commonly known as impression forging. It uses pressure to compress a piece of metal in order to fill an enclosed die impression. Likewise, it includes the use of a medium frequency induction heating furnace for applying heat to the metal until the desired shape is achieved.In contrast, open die forging is sometimes called free forging. The open die forging process includes the placement of a piece of metal between several dies that don’t completely close the metal. Through a variety of movements, the dies hammer and stamp the material to alter its dimensions until the necessary shape is achieved.

Process Involved

With open die forging, colossal compressive forces are levied by the unceasing strike of a forging hammer to distort the metal billets. Unlike closed die forging, the open die process is significantly simpler. For closed die forging, the molding dies are first precision machined. The metal bars are then attached to between upper and lower dies and forged to any shapes needed. As a result, closed die forging is a net shape or near the net shape process.


As open die forging does not include a fixed die size, this method works best for creating larger and heavier metal components that don’t require much machining to produce ultra-finished products. Amongst these hefty components are shafts and rollers that are used in railways. On the other hand, closed die forging is perfect for applications that need a high degree of precision such as automotive parts or forged fittings.

Are You Looking for Open Die Forging?

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