Investment castings, which are often referred to as lost-wax castings, are metal parts that are produced by the investment casting process. This expendable mold process and the components that it produces is extremely popular for countless applications in numerous industries. This is largely due to the fact that the investment casting process makes it possible to create complex parts with exceptional surface qualities and accuracy in a wide range of materials and sizes. However, if a part requires intricate details or undercuts, the material is reinforced by fiber or wire, or air entrapment is a problem, a specific type of investment casting method is used. This investment casting technique is none other than the vacuum casting method, which produced vacuum castings. What are vacuum castings? Keep reading to find out.

What Are Vacuum Investment Castings?

Vacuum castings are the metal parts that are produced by the vacuum casting method. They are different than typical investment castings due to the technique that is used to create these metal parts. The process begins by placing a two-piece mold in a vacuum chamber. The vacuum then draws the molten metal into the mold. Finally, the casting is solidified in an oven and the mold is removed in order to release the final product.If you have a project that requires high-quality vacuum investment castings, we can provide them for you. Here at Ferralloy, Inc., we utilize both gravity fed and vacuum casting methods to produce metal components that range in weight from a few ounces up to 75 pounds. Our countless years of experience in both of these methods guarantee that we can supply superior or near net shape parts that require little or no finish work. Get the investment castings that you need, delivered on time and at a competitive price, by contacting us today!

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