There are several industries which can and do utilize forged rolled rings. There are many characteristics that make this component an important one in a wide variety of businesses and applications. Ferralloy, Inc. has the ability to manufacture and produce high quality metal components, included forged rolled rings. Want to find out why forged rolled rings are so advantageous and where they can be applied in industries? Keep reading for more information on this valuable component!

What are Forged Rolled Rings?

To produce the forged ring component, there is a forging process that takes place called the seamless rolled ring. The process begins with a hot starting rock being upset or flattened on an open die. Then the upset starting rock is pierced and the result is a donut shaped component that will now sheared to ensure that the hole in the rock is completely through. Now referred to as a preform, the forming stages now take place, where the preform is rotated and stretched to the specifications of the component.One advantage of this process and the resulting forged rolled ring is the inherent strength of the component. The strength of the metal is maintained through all the temperature fluctuations. This process is also more cost effective as in many cases the product matches the desired shape and specifications and does not need machining. The resulting forged rolled rings are not only stronger, but they are reliable and are more heat resistant because of the process.

What are Forged Rolled Rings Applications?

Across several industries, there are many applications for forged rolled rings. From the nuclear industry to the transportation and oil and gas industries, there are many companies that need a strong and heat resistant material. No matter what the industry you are in, we can provide you with rolled rings. Ferralloy, Inc can manufacture high quality metal components and has the technical authority to deliver metal components for your project. Give us a call or visit our forged rolled rings company online for more information on metal components for your project.