Whether you need metal parts for ASME flanges or you’re working on an ASME pressure vessel connector forging project, seamless rings may be the answer. Here are three things to bear in mind when it comes to forged seamless rings.

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Steel Rings: Characteristics and How They Are Made

What Are the Characteristics?

The recrystallization technique used in the production of seamless rings increases the grain pattern of the steel, making the rings stronger and more resistant. When it comes to hot ring rolling, the ring metal is smooth and delicate because it is heated beyond its recrystallization temperature. For this reason, it can be forged into a much thinner ring. Forged steel rings are also resistant to heat deformation and can maintain their shape even when exposed to extreme temperature changes. Moreover, seamless rolled rings need less machining, labor, and raw materials than equivalent components because the steel ring’s shape varies very little from the beginning to the completion of the manufacturing process. These advantages result in a low-cost component.

How Is It Made?

A seamless rolled ring starts with a circular piece of metal that has been smoothed out and cut to the desired weight. The metal is then punctured to create a hollow doughnut shape using open die forging, heated above recrystallization temperature (typically between 400 and 700 °C), and placed on an idler or mandrel roll.The roll pulls the doughnut’s walls outward, reducing wall thickness and increasing the steel ring’s diameters. Such a process can produce a wide variety of shapes and proportions. Likewise, the thickness-to-height ratio of most seamless steel rings is 1:16 to 16:1.

What Industry Commonly Uses Seamless Rings?

Seamless rings are useful in a wide range of industries, including aerospace engineering, mining, and power generating. They are extremely useful in forged bearings, valves, couplings, and flanges when making custom pressure vessel components.

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Looking for Seamless Rings?

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