The quality control of each link significantly impacts the pieces produced using the investment castings technique. Fortunately, any stainless-steel casting producer may impact the casting quality by paying close attention to the three fundamental characteristics that are based on the casting flaws that typically occur in the manufacturing process.  

quality product through investment castings

Three Key Elements for Good Casting  

Smelting, Pouring, and Roasting

The shell of the casting needs to be completely toasted. Ensure that the slag removal and deoxidation are appropriately done during the allowed smelting process. The pouring temperature must be suitable for the molten steel to completely fill the cavity and achieve excellent surface quality.  

Coating and Dewaxing  

Identifying and discarding the surface coating that has already degraded would be impossible unless the producers closely monitor coating slurry quality control. They also need to check the binder extract’s gelation time in the coating slurry. The wax mold’s surface layer should melt before the entire wax mold expands and causes the shell to split. It’s also advisable to ensure that the permeability and heat conductivity of the cover is checked.  

Moreover, the shell’s strength and propensity to split as the wax mold expands during the dewaxing process depend on how quickly it is drying.  

Raw Material Control  

It’s vital to remember that the surface layer material can significantly affect the casting’s overall quality because the stainless-steel investment casting comes into direct contact with the alloy melt.  

Furthermore, it is crucial to have a steady stream of supplies for auxiliary materials and essential alloy elements. Strict controls must be put in place when it comes to charging materials, and they must be free of rust and clean before being put into the furnace.  

Last but not least, it is advisable to closely adhere to the operating protocols to prevent adding contaminants to the alloy melt.  

metal part that underwent investment castings

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