When you are in need of metal components, like furnace rolls, Ferralloy takes the time to learn and understand what your needs are in order to produce the highest quality and most effective product. Some clients are in the business of carburizing metals and for this industry we produce the highest quality heat resistant fabrications and castings available, including high quality furnace rolls.

Specialized furnace rolls are important for carburizing furnaces.

What is Carburizing?

For many, this action is unfamiliar, they just reap the benefits of “case hardened” metals. But what is it? Carburizing is a common heat treating process that hardens a surface to make it resistant to wear while maintaining strength of the core. This process is usually performed on carbon steel parts, high alloy steel bearings, gears and other components that require higher than usual resistance and strength.Most times the process entails heating components in a pit furnace or sealed atmosphere furnace and then carburizing gases are then added at temperature. This is a very heated process, with temperatures usually hitting 1560°F to 1740°F. With these high temperatures, the components within the furnace operation need to be heat resistant and able to withstand the intense pressure of the process.

Specialized Furnace Rolls

A heat treating furnace requires heat resistant castings and specialized furnace rolls in order to operate efficiently. All of these parts make up a carburizing furnace and without the heat resistant characteristics, the process would not be able to take place.Think of aerospace components, that need to definitely be resistant to wear and maintain a strong structural integrity. This process needs to occur in order to add a case hardness to many metal structures we use everyday. And in order for carburizing to occur the proper components need to be manufactured and produced at the highest quality. That’s why Ferralloy is your foundry of choice! Only the highest quality metal components leave our factories, and to your specifications. Give us a call for your heat resistant metal component needs!