The process of producing forging rings involves a base plate that is ready-made and acquired from the steel manufacturer. In order to meet the exact dimensional requirements for the base plate, the material is hot-rolled and formed into the shape of a ring. If you don’t know much about forged rings, read on to find the best answers to the most commonly asked questions about them.

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FAQs About Forged Rings

How are Forged Rings Produced?

Did you know that the term “forged” is a classic misnomer? You might be surprised to know that a huge part of the process involved in forging steel rings is actually completed by the hot-rolling method. This method starts with the application of heat on a billet of steel before it is pressed or forged. Next, the ring shape is formed by hot rolling the material in two directions.

What’s the Difference Between a Forged Ring and a Hot Rolled Plate?

In case you’re wondering, it takes continuous rolling and casting to produce plates. It’s also possible to forge steel into a billet before it is hot rolled until it attains the desired thickness of its final plate. Forged rings are a lot similar to steel plates because the rings go through a forging process from a billet of steel before these are rolled into their required shape. The key difference between both is that forged rings need to be rolled in two directions while rolling the plates only requires a single direction.

What are the Major Benefits of Using a Forged Ring?

Compared to the hot-rolled plate, the lead time for obtaining forged rings of the same thickness is much shorter. In fact, depending on the thickness of the target component, the process of forging rings could be completed several months before the desired ring thickness can be achieved through hot plate rolling.

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Do You Need More Information About Forging Rings?

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