Did you know that manufacturers implement certain rolling procedures during the production of seamless forged rolled rings? Although the features of each rolling mill vary, they can shape rings that come in a wide range of weights – from a pound to over 300,000 lbs.

Facts About the Production or Forged Rolled Rings

A Preform is Pierced in the Middle

In case you’re wondering, the entire process begins by piercing or upsetting a preformed metal in order to create a hollow shape that looks like a doughnut. Next, high heat is applied to the piece of metal before it is positioned about a mandrel roll. Continuous pressure is then applied to the part is it travels to the drive roll. During the process, the metal component is frequently rotated in order to decrease its wall’s overall thickness.

Variety of Configurations are Used

Although a wide variety of configurations are utilized in the process of producing seamless rolled rings, washer shapes and cylindrical shapes are the ones that manufacturers commonly produce. Furthermore, they also produce forged rolled rings that can be more than nine feet tall. This versatility in terms of thickness to height ratio provides various industries with plenty of options to choose from. A piece of specialized processing equipment can make it possible for manufacturers to produce rings that have greater proportions.

Custom or Complex Shapes Can Be Produced

If there’s one thing you need to know about rolled rings, it’s the fact that special tooling equipment can be used to produce rings in different shapes. In fact, you might be surprised to know that the most popular ones are those that are shaped like rectangles.

Where You Can Find High-Quality Forged Rolled Rings

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