Although the process of machined castings may originally come across as rather a straightforward method, there is a lot of misinformation surrounding this industry. At Ferralloy, we believe in using the most efficient, safest, and best methods in the machine shop to guarantee that our products are cast with exceptional accuracy. Machined castings are castings that went through the process of cutting, grinding or other nontraditional machining processes. Below are some of the myths debunked to give you clearer and more concise pieces of information.

Amount of Time to Run

Although the tools and machines used in machined castings can make production comparatively simple and stress-free as they automate the job, its presence still cannot guarantee that every job will have the exact run time. Thus, it is a common misconception that all jobs require the same amount of running time.

Extremely Easy

A lot of individuals assume to think that the computerized automation of the casting and machining procedure makes it simple and faster to complete. Conversely, without the right workers for the job, the procedures will be very impossible to complete. Thus, the thought that machining is extremely easy is a myth. Every company or industry that deals with machined castings must employ people with experience, training, and skills to guarantee the accuracy, efficiency, and safety of the procedures; absence of which would mean that delivering high-quality products is highly impossible. Additionally, machine experts are accountable for monitoring and activating the loading and unloading of workpieces, the cycle of the process, and making all the indispensable adjustments.

Machining is Automatic

The most common myth is that machining is automatic. Notwithstanding the huge consistency that this time’s modern machined castings offer, it is highly impossible to allow the machines to do the entire job. Although previous jobs may be copied for future plans, these will still require professional help of an experienced machinist who has the ability to easily and efficiently identify and eliminate anomalies, nuances, and variations.

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