You probably know that aluminum is known to be one of the most well-rounded metals that cater to a vast and diverse market. This material that comes with a luminous finish is used in producing different commercial and household goods. To give you an idea about the various applications for aluminum castings, take a look at this:

Construction and Architecture

Since aluminum is known for its outstanding conductivity and its light weight that works well for extended lengths of cable runs, copper has now been replaced by aluminum as the base for electrical transmission lines and power grids. Furthermore, architects use aluminum castings for renovations that include ornamental door framings, rooftop corner pieces, and reinforcement pieces.


Since the combination of aluminum castings’ properties including its light weight and strength make them ideal for the development of vehicles that are both strong and light enough to go beyond the earth’s atmosphere, the aerospace industry has been greatly dependent on them. In fact, commercial transport planes are comprised of 80% aluminum castings. Plus, aluminum is extensively used in the space industry for shuttles as well as for various structures at the international space station.

Appliance and Technology

Aluminum castings are also used for refrigeration applications primarily because of its thermal properties and its light weight that allow easy transport.

Renovation and Restoration

In most cases, restoration projects can present unique challenges because they can be quite difficult to source designs that match the metal elements that need to be replaced. It doesn’t matter if the existing casting needs to be directly copied or a new master pattern needs to be carved – aluminum castings will be perfect for duplicating hard-to-find castings that can help you finish the historical restoration with the components that you need.

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