Did you know that aluminum happens to be the third most abundant element in the world? In fact, over 8% of the earth’s core mass is made up of aluminum. In the metalworking industry, aluminum castings are created by pouring molten metal into mold patterns that have been designed according to the dimensions and shape of the desired output. If you want to know about the common types of molding methods used for aluminum castings, check this out:

Die Casting

The die casting method is commonly used for mass production of aluminum components that require less finishing and machining. During the process, the pressure is applied to the molten aluminum into a steel die. Although the die casting method has short cycle times, its costs for tooling are high. Compared to permanent mold casting, the pressurized casting system produces a high-strength skin but the interior is weaker. In case you’re wondering, the die casting method can be classified into two types – low-pressure and high-pressure casting.

Permanent Mold Casting

When it comes to the permanent mold casting method, steel, and other metal molds and cores are used. Molten aluminum is poured into the mold to produce strong castings. Furthermore, highly-repeatable components can be consistently created using permanent molds. Aside from this, mechanical properties are greatly improved because their rapid cooling rates produce a more consistent microstructure.

Sand Casting

Packing a fine sand mixture around a pattern of the required product generates sand castings. Since aluminum shrinks as it cools down, the pattern is intentionally made slightly larger than the desired product. Compared to other methods, sand casting is more economical because it’s possible to reuse the sand multiple times. It’s best used for specialized castings that have large moldings or detailed designs because of its low upfront tooling costs.

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