Metal alloys and pure metals have a lot in common, and people frequently argue about which is the best to utilize. Metal alloys can provide a number of advantages that pure metals cannot. Learn about the benefits of using metal alloy castings rather than pure metals castings.

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The Advantages of Using Metal Alloys Instead of Pure Metals

Metal Alloys Are More Flexible Than Pure Metals

Pure metals are what they are and do not allow for much modification or alteration, whereas metal alloys are composites of several metals and non-metals. This allows for even greater customization and improvement of features that are more desirable in specific applications. There are more options than pure metals when it comes to obtaining the right metal alloy for your project.

Metal Alloys Are More Durable Than Pure Metals

Metal alloys are mixtures of metals that take the good qualities of one metal and leave the bad ones behind. This results in a compound that is more durable than the parent material, the pure metal. Because pure metals are often soft, they are alloyed to make a more robust combination.  Unlike pure metal, where all of the elements are the same, metal alloys are made up of a variety of elements. Metal alloys are often significantly stronger and harder than pure metals because the atoms in them have a harder time moving around.

Metal Alloys Are More Corrosion Resistant Than Pure Metals

Metal alloys are usually far more corrosion resistant than pure metals. This is because metal alloys are composites of several metals and non-metal components that work together to generate a stronger and more durable alloy.  Alloys can be constructed to withstand corrosion, but pure metals are chemically reactive and easily corrode. Corrosion may swiftly eat away at metals, resulting in a pricey repair. Metal alloys aid in delaying and avoiding the problem of continual corrosion.

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