Investment castings are one of the oldest and most popular type of metal components. The process to create these parts involves pouring molten metal into a ceramic mold. The metal solidifies within the mold and then the metal casting is broken out. Aircraft, aerospace, oil, road construction, coal mining, steel production and processing, heat treating, railroad, food equipment, and countless other industries have discovered the benefits of this type of casting. What are these benefits? Keep reading to learn about the advantages of investment castings!

4 Advantages of Investment Castings

1) Wide Choice of MaterialsAlmost every type of alloy can become an investment casting. This includes popular metals such as steel, copper, nickel, iron, cobalt, stainless steel, etc. Having a wide selection of materials allows you to select the type of metal that will yield the best performance for your specific need.2) Accurate and ConsistentThese castings are extremely accurate and near net shape. Since components are created by using the same wax pattern, this accuracy can be maintained from casting to casting.3) Intricate DesignInvestment castings are a designer’s dream. Logos, product ID’s or numbers, and letters can easily be added to the inside and/or outside of components. It is also easy to add holes, slots, blind holes, splines, gears, and thread profiles.4) Low Tooling CostTooling is a significant cost factor for all other types of parts, but not for investment castings. Thanks to the casting process, a long-lasting and high quality part that requires little tooling is produced.Investment castings can be extremely beneficial. But they can also extremely difficult to manufacture. The production of these components requires expert knowledge and experience. If you are interested in using investment castings for your next project, look no further than Ferralloy Inc. We guarantee to provide the best products, delivered on time, and at a competitive price. Call us at 440-250-1900 or visit our foundry online for any of your metalworking needs today!