Global sourcing is the manner of sourcing services and goods from the international market through geopolitical restrictions. It seeks to exploit worldwide efficiencies such as cheaper raw materials, lower-cost skilled labor, and other financial factors such as low trade tariffs and tax breaks.

Global Sourcing Initiative Summarized:

Advantages of Global Sourcing

Several companies use an outsourcing process, especially at the start when a certain company is inexperienced. International procurement organizations are normally used as a means to source from low-cost nations. These organizations are able to develop, as well as, identify the perfect key suppliers across a lot of sourcing categories in complex and large countries such as Brazil or China. The common advantages of global sourcing are knowing how to do business effectively in the new market, developing and finding substitute supplier sources to encourage competition and decrease costs. It plays an important role every time you need to locate scarce resources and skills that are not available near your area. Thus, your manufacturing capacity and other technical skills will dramatically increase once global sourcing is used properly.

Disadvantages of Global Sourcing

Once there are advantages, disadvantages will always be expected. When integrating global sourcing in your company’s techniques and strategies, exposure to legal, political, and financial risks are possible. However, you always have to weigh things in. Once you do, you will realize that the advantages will always overpower the disadvantages when it comes to global sourcing.

Manufacture Goods and Global Sourcing

Several factors come into play when it leads to sourcing in or out component parts or other goods from other countries. The supply chain is surely fragmented and lengthy and the primary challenges are present.

what is global sourcing?

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