Investment casting is very popular in manufacturing when it comes to producing components with high accuracy, repeatability, and cast integrity. The process can be used to make parts for a wide range of industries and sectors, including oil and gas, automotive, aerospace, defense, and general industry.

Workers are pouring gold into the mold stock for investment

When and Why Should I Use Investment Castings?

When High Precision Parts are Required

Investment casting, also known as precision casting, is the best option if you need a high level of precision. This process produces parts with excellent dimensional accuracy and complex shapes, and we can easily add details such as holes, lettering, threads, and serrations to meet the needs of our customers.

When Medium To High-Volume Orders Are Required

If you need the same part over and over, investment casting is a great option. Because there is virtually no tool wear, this process provides consistency and repeatability. Furthermore, it is frequently the method of choice for projects requiring a medium to high volume of orders, as it saves both time and labor costs by eliminating the need for manual labor.

When a Wide Range of Sizes Is Required

When it comes to the parts and components that are used, different industries will have different requirements. You can get the right part in the right size with investment casting.

When a Low Overall Cost Is Required

Because investment casting produces superior dimensionality and precision, it is more expensive than die casting. However, the final costs make it more than worthwhile. The process can achieve the desired level of complexity in your parts and components without wasting material, and most investment castings will only require minor machining, which will save you time and money.

Metal pouring process for investment casting

Want To Know More About Investment Casting?

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