Investment casting is a relatively expensive technique due to its intricacy and workforce needs, but the advantages frequently exceed the disadvantages. It can be done with almost any metal. Investment casting often produces small pieces, but it can also make parts weighing up to 75 lbs.

manufacturing products through investment casting

Investment Casting Application

Complex Metal Parts

Complex pieces can be produced with investment casting, and the surface finishes have excellent results. Because the ceramic shells in investment castings separate from the part upon cooling, the taper is not necessary to release the components from their molds.This production feature enables the creation of castings with 90-degree angles without the need for additional machining or a built-in shrinkage allowance.

Product Needs to Undergo a Casting Tool Process

Superior dimensional accuracy is achieved by the investment casting method, which also makes it simple to produce net-shape parts and finished forms without additional machining. To create wax patterns, a different die must be used for every distinct casting run. Depending on the complexity, the investment casting tool process can be very pricey.

Orders With High Production Volumes

The time and effort saved by reducing or eliminating secondary machining for orders with high production volumes quickly covers the cost of new tooling. The investment is less likely to be recovered in small casting runs. Typically, investment casting makes sense for runs of 25 or more pieces.

Parts With Ceramic Shell Mold

It typically takes seven days from a new wax pattern to finish casting. Most of that time is spent making and curing the ceramic shell mold. To manufacture castings more quickly, certain foundries employ quick-drying equipment.Investment casting’s time- and labor-intensive nature affects more than just price. Longer lead times for investment casting are expected since foundries have limited resources and manufacturing capability.

investment casting in the works

Services for Custom Investment Casting

Ferralloy Inc. collaborates with the customer for each custom casting to design the pattern and molding technique. To learn more about how our investment casting service can meet the needs of your project, schedule an appointment with us.