Both investment casting and sand casting are part of the casting manufacturing process, and both have a long history dating back to 1838. Though both casting procedures involve pouring molten metal into a mold to create metal pieces, there are fundamental distinctions between them. The contrasts between them will be explained in this post.

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Differences Between Investment Casting And Sand Casting

Though both investment casting and sand casting are classified as casting techniques, they differ significantly in terms of the process, material, surface polish, and cost.

Investment Casting

To produce metal items, investment casting companies use a wax template to generate the void. The wax design was constructed into the ceramic shell, and once it was hard enough, the wax pattern was removed from the inside of the shell. The molten metal is then poured into the shell and allowed to harden. The final investment casting pieces will have a smooth surface and will match the wax design in shape. Furthermore, the wax that has been removed can be reused in the future.

Sand Casting

To make a sand mold, sand is compacted around a pattern of a model of the final product. To make the mold tough, most producers mix sand with clay and damp it with water. The sand mold can only be used once, however, the sand can be reused. The sand mold was made in two pieces, and the two halves would be connected when utilized for casting.

Aspects to Think About in Casting Manufacturing

If you want to start a casting business, deciding on the correct casting procedure is essential to your achievement. There are five aspects to casting manufacturing that you should think about: annual volume, cycle time, material, and, last but not least, cost are all factors to consider.

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Want To Know More About Investment Casting?

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